The OSCE association is structures by three main bodies:

  • the members of the association. In coordination with the international community they elect the Board of Stewardship at a yearly meeting where they also take the yearly activity and finance report. The online community and the members therefore form the democratic base for decision making and control within the OSCE association. Along with money from donations, stipends or other funding, their membership fees are the main source of money to finance the work of the association.
  • the Board of Stewardship which selects the chairpeople of the association and gives them tasks and guidelines for their activities. In continuous contact with the OSCE community, the Board of Stewardship decides on collaborations, strategy and activities, as well as on budget plans.
  • the chairpeople. These need to be European citizens according to German national law on associations. The Chairpeople take their orders and guidance from the Board of Stewardship in regard to the activities they perform for the association. They form the legal peron which can sign contracts, manage bank accounts and apply for funds. They act as custodians for all tasks that need to be fulfilled for the structural functioning of the OSCE project.
  • Members of the Board of Stewardship:

  • Current: Xuiqing Zhang (Germany), Julia Perera (Germany), Michael Boyle (Austria), Silvia Leahu-Aluas (USA), Ricardo Rugeles (Colombia)
  • 2018: Maike Majewski (Germany), Nikoloz Chakhaidze (Germany), Xuiqing Zhang (Germany)
  • Chairpeople fo the OSCE association:

  • Current: Maike Majewski (Acting Chairwoman), Xuiqing Zhang (Treasurer)
  • 2018: Maike Majewski (Chairwoman), Xuiqing Zhang (Finances)
  • Documents of the association such as the statutes, the fees regulations and the membership application are currently being translated into English and will be provided at this location soon.