OSCEdays and other OSCE events

Open Source Circular Economy is a community that becomes alive offline in events as well as online through the community forum. Since 2016 there have been yearly hackathons, the OSCEdays, that were taking place in many cities worldwide at a similar time. In addition, local groups stage events in collaboration with other actors in the country or region. Depending on local needs, there are also events that deal with specific issues which are pressing for the local community.
Events so far included: OSCEdays 2016 , OSCEdays 2017, OSCEdays 2018, a collaboration with the Disruptive Innovation Festival 2016, the Capetown Water Hackathon 2017 and many more.

To find out more about current events and partners, please visit our events website: http://oscedays.org

To find out about past events, issues and participating cities, please visit the community forum: https://community.oscedays.org